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GAP Cover and Medical Aids are complex products with many aspects to consider when acquiring initially. Thereafter the claim process may be daunting, and many times clients feel lost in the process and the requirements to get a claim paid. We are there to provide support during both of these stages.

We pride ourselves in building solid partnerships and offer the best assistance in the industry. A threefold support team with GAPCoverSA as a foundation portal are standing by to assist you.

SFP Wealth

Should you require any advice on your existing or potential GAP cover or Medical Aid, Mr Ian Victor, an independent adviser practicing under SFP Wealth (licence no.41158) will gladly assist you. We will consider your specific needs and offer options and comparisons based on a wide range of products and companies to best suited to your needs.

At the claim stage, Medclaim Assist offer the administrative support and assistance needed to swiftly finalise your claim with the support of their expert staff.

You may be surprised to find that the above will add no additional charges to your GAP Cover or Medical Aid premiums. A support fee is already built into your premiums by service provider.

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